Eze Software interfaces with Essentia Insight

Source: Eze Software

Essentia Analytics, the ground-breaking provider of behavioural analytics and nudges to professional investors, today announced a new interface with Eze Software’s award-winning technology.

Essentia Insight allows professional investors to analyse their trade and portfolio activity for behavioural biases that may be damaging investment performance. Through rich reporting and tailored nudges, the platform builds a data-driven feedback loop that can lead to measurably better investment performance.

Users of Eze’s Order Management (Eze OMS) and Portfolio Management & Accounting System (formerly Tradar) can now load their data into the Essentia’s behavioural analytics platform, Essentia Insight, via a standardized interface.

As a result, Eze Software’s clients will be able to get up and running with Essentia, and get to grips with their decision-making strengths and weaknesses, in record time and with minimal effort required from their own data teams.

Clare Flynn Levy, Founder & CEO of Essentia Analytics, said: “Demand for behavioural analytics has been increasing as active managers seek to add AI to their investment processes. Essentia Analytics leverages the data that portfolio managers are already capturing in Eze Investment Suite to help managers focus their time on doing more of what they’re good at, and less of what they’re not.”

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