Schroders launches MoneyLens to engage with millennials

Source: Schroders

Schroders has today launched MoneyLens, a new website aimed at helping millennials, those born in the 1980s and 1990s, to engage more with their finances and learn how to manage their money.

Research from the Schroders’ Global Investor Study* showed that 94% of millennials, said that they wanted to improve their investment knowledge compared to 85% for older generations. Further research from the study showed that many millennials did not know where to start when it came to investing and found that researching the subject only caused further confusion.

James Cardew, Global Head of Marketing at Schroders, said:

“MoneyLens came together as an idea to help educate millennials, by providing information on investing and other money-related topics in a clear and jargon-free way. The website was created and developed by a group of millennials within Schroders who felt passionately about this subject and wanted to help inform their peers. The aim is to raise awareness of investing and build a community of users who are engaging with the site and each other around personal finance and investing.”

Kat Sutton, Digital Communications Manager at Schroders and a member of the MoneyLens working group, said:

“As millennials ourselves we know how important it is to understand the world of money and how to manage our finances. We also know how confusing and jargon based this industry can be so we wanted to offer clarity to millennials through engaging and educational content.”

The website will be edited by Vicki Owen, previously a journalist at the Mail on Sunday, and will publish articles written by millennials across all parts of the business at Schroders. The writers will draw on their own personal experiences and expertise to help readers learn how to manage their money. Topics range from money app reviewsto explaining auto-enrolment.

Additional contributors, such as millennial bloggers and advisers, will also be sharing their thoughts and experiences on the website. All content will be jargon free to help people understand how to save and allow them to take charge of their financial future.

James Cardew said:

“We recognise that people, particularly millennials, are having to make more and more important financial decisions. We want to help them to make these decisions and educate them on financial issues. Whilst the concept of the website was originally for millennials we have found that content like this, which talks about investing in a real-life manner, has broad appeal across all audiences.”

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A Finextra member
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By 2030 millennials are expected to make up three quarters of the workforce, according to Wired Magazine’s Enterprise Information Landscape survey. So their being able to properly manage their finances is very important. I believe MoneyLens will prove to be a very useful tool.