Nationwide, RBS, FedEx and Société Générale form ETEC for IT best practice

Source: Technology Business Management Council

The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council, a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing and promoting best practices for managing IT like a business, today announced the establishment of a new European TBM Executive Committee (ETEC).

The ETEC will serve as an extension of the TBM Council Board of Directors, driving the European agenda for maximising business value from technology investment, and guiding the Council’s pursuit of its mandates for collaboration, education, and standardisation.

The European market is experiencing incredible change, driven by adoption of Agile and DevOps, and the advent of cloud and AI technologies, and industry regulators. The ETEC provides European technology leaders a forum for exchanging knowledge and best practices with their counterparts on how to best adopt, manage and achieve success with these fast-moving market shifts.

The TBM Council ETEC will include pan-European and in-region leadership:
• Laurent Dublanchet, CIO, Air Liquide
• Daniel Schmutz, CTO COO, Credit Suisse
• Nik Puri, SVP of IT, FedEx International
• Koen Vermeulen, Managing Director, Finance, FedEx International, and Benelux and Nordics Region Executive
• Hillevi Agranius, CIO, Husqvarna
• Debra Bailey, (ex) CIO of Nationwide Building Society, and N.A. Board Director
• Jennifer Wood, Head of Performance and Business Management, Royal Bank of Scotland, and UK Region Executive
• Caroline Cerval, Technology COO, Corporate and Investment Banking, Société Générale

“The TBM Council enables European organisations to gain insight from a global network, regional experts, and cultural or industry peers to be more strategic and knowledgeable about their technology investments,” said Jack Bischof, Regional Vice President, EMEA, TBM Council. “TBM allows organisations to quantify and show IT business value, proactively manage and plan IT spend, and optimise hybrid IT spend and usage. Often, responsibility for these operations are housed within the Office of the CIO, but without proper visibility into the cost, performance, value and risk of technologies underpinning key business capabilities, organisations without TBM find themselves ill equipped.”

“Nationwide is owned by its members, and TBM has been instrumental in ensuring we deliver both the best value and services to those members,” said Debra Bailey, former CIO at Nationwide Building Society and TBM Council ETEC Member.

“Gaining a transparent view of our IT costs and identifying how best to invest in new technologies that will serve our members has grown much more efficient due to the practices and frameworks that TBM lays down. In many organisations IT underpins the business, in some it is the business, and so treating it like a business makes sense. The TBM Council’s announcement of a new European Executive Council is welcomed by the whole community and will allow organisations across the region to collaborate and further their understanding of TBM even more.”

European demand for TBM isn’t specific to an industry sector or geography, all organisations can benefit from a framework that helps IT leaders communicate the business value of technology investments. The increasing use of public cloud and AI as components of progressively more agile business practices increases the complexity and quantity of business requirements placed on CIOs and their teams. The ETEC will specifically address these challenges and work to provide TBM Council members with standards and education that help to connect technology investments to multi-dimensional business value.

“TBM has made a significant impact on the value our IT team provides the business,” said Jennifer Wood, Head of Performance and Business Management, Royal Bank of Scotland, and TBM Council ETEC Member. “TBM has given Royal Bank of Scotland visibility into our IT spend, and ensured we have the right resources and capabilities in place globally to deliver technology services that support innovation and broader digital transformation initiatives.”

The TBM Council Board of Directors currently includes Chris Pick, Founder and Apptio CMO, Council Chairman Anil Cheriyan and former CIO of SunTrust, and business leaders from leading organisations such as Aflac, StateFarm, Tyson, Intuit, First American and more. TBM Council membership is open to qualified IT, finance or business leaders and practitioners who meet applicable membership standards.  

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