AccessFintech signs Liquidnet for risk control dashboard

Source: AccessFintech

Access Fintech announced today that Liquidnet, a global institutional trading network, is now using AccessFintech’s Business Operations Centre.

This platform provides the opportunity to aggregate and manage internal systems’ and external providers’ exceptions and to monitor and profile risk across asset classes. This service is designed to enable users to monitor risk in a single visual dashboard, thereby identifying any exceptions more quickly and greatly reduce potential risk.

Using AccessFintech, companies can expand on its risk management processes and offer management a top down overview of risk across the company, as well as a bottom up view for those tasked with monitoring and resolving exceptions.

Risk profiling is becoming increasingly difficult for financial institutions as the trade lifecycle is spread across an increasing number of systems, from trading and clearing through to settlement. By aggregating all these systems AccessFintech has created a central point for risk and exception monitoring for its clients. Customers of AccessFintech are able to set their own risk parameters and as such prioritise the management and resolution of any exceptions.

AccessFintech founder Roy Saadon states: “Liquidnet is renowned for creating exceptional and innovative technology products, and it is natural for a fast-moving organisation to need to “see” what is happening at any moment in time. The AccessFintech product enabled to centralise all the moving parts into a coherent single view. Liquidnet’s innovative thinking helped us understand the value of our own product through the diligent roll out process, adding significant value to our use case coverage.”

“AccessFintech provides us with real time dashboards to monitor, track and escalate risks,” said Michael Cetrangola, Head of Member Services, Liquidnet. “We currently monitor various potential transaction risks and are able to route alerts to team members around the world. The tool allows us to quickly identify and remediate items requiring attention.

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