Synchrony debuts Alexa Skill for managing Amazan store cards

Source: Syncrhony Financial

Synchrony (NYSE: SYF) today announced that for the first time, customers can manage their Store Card through voice commands, using Alexa.

Cardholders can now use the Store Card skill for Amazon Alexa to check their account information, review recent purchases and charges, get payment due details and pay their bill.

To get started, cardholders will need to download the Alexa App, login using their Synchrony account details for the Store Card and establish a four-digit voice key. Then, cardholders will be prompted to enter the voice key when accessing their Store Card via an Alexa-enabled device. Once set up, cardholders can start to use the skill by saying, "Alexa, Open Store Card."

“The Store Card skill for Amazon Alexa demonstrates our focus on exploring new ways to deliver the best possible experience to our customers,” said Tom Quindlen, executive vice president and CEO, Retail Card at Synchrony. “We’re harnessing voice technology to let consumers manage their Amazon Store Card in a way that’s most convenient to them.”

The initial concept for the skill was developed through Synchrony’s internal innovation programs, including hackathons and the company’s global innovation centers.

Synchrony plans to expand the rollout of voice payment technology across its suite of retail cards in the future.

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