MatchMove unveils facial biometric verification for identity authentication

Source: MatchMove

MatchMove, one of the world’s fastest growing and most disruptive fintech companies, today unveiled the latest feature in its proprietary Banking Wallet OSTM using facial biometric technology to instantly verify user identity. By seamlessly incorporating biometric verification,

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and document authentication into the user sign-up process, MatchMove’s payments platform provides a less intrusive and highly responsive user onboarding experience. Clients who use MatchMove’s proprietary Banking Wallet OSTM to give their users co-branded (physical and/or virtual) payment cards can expect this cutting-edge technology to enhance user experience and strengthen security and compliance checks for their digital payments. This announcement was made at Seamless Asia 2018, Asia’s largest digital payments conference for e-Commerce and Retail.

The latest facial biometric feature allows instant identity verification when onboarding new users. Users who sign up for MatchMove’s co-branded cards can use their smartphones to scan their ID cards, take real-time images of themselves (selfies) and have their identities verified at once. They can start using the cards to shop and pay online or at stores, make P2P transfers, send remittances, as well as receive customized promotions, all on a single platform. The new technology provides a seamless end-user journey and a frictionless payments experience. It also helps businesses reduce onboarding costs while remaining fully compliant, increase customer conversions and prevent fraud.

MatchMove’s facial biometric technology complies with Singapore’s Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations without sacrificing the user experience.

Ashley Koh, Senior Vice President and GM at MatchMove, said: “In today’s app world, customers and businesses are impatient to find good payments solutions while cybercriminals are proliferating and regulators are demanding more stringent checks. As an innovative digital payments solutions provider to enable facial biometric technology, we are well ahead of the curve to embrace a seamless user onboarding experience. We will continue to innovate and fulfill our mission of improving the quality of lives as we expand our footprint to become the world’s largest and safest mover of digital money.”

MatchMove is the premium sponsor at Seamless Asia 2018. Visit MatchMove at Booth F28 to find out more about the company and its proprietary Banking Wallet OSTM.

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