ATM associations ink MoU

Source: ATM Industry Association

The ATM Security Association for Enhanced Technology and the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a closer relationship between both organizations.

The new cooperation agreement will foster joint coordination of security related activities for the worldwide ATM industry. This agreement aims to formalise the mutual interaction and reinforces the existing relationship at the working and strategic level.

One important goal of the business collaboration is to develop a roadmap for detailed security threats analysis as a basis for future crime prevention in the ATM industry. Joining resources, intellectual property, databases, information and research will make this possible even more in the future. To achieve this, both organizations are negotiating about the framework conditions on how the activities of the ATM working groups could be aligned with the work of current ATMIA subcommittees and functions. Further discussions are about added values for members of both organizations.

Mike Lee, Chief Executive Officer of the ATMIA, said: "It is more important than ever for the ATM industry to be united in the area of security to protect ATMs from a greater and rapidly evolving range of attacks. New global security standards are a priority for next generation ATMs which are being spearheaded by ATMIA in the Consortium for Next Generation ATMs.” This Consortium is a global future-proofing exercise made up of over 140 companies in all major markets representing every sector of the ATM value chain.

Uwe Krause, president of the ATM Security Association, quoted: “Joining forces with the ATMIA will strengthen our way to create a global network throughout the ATM provider chain enhancing security.” The alliance will raise the attraction for many companies to become part of the global alliance against ATM crime and to influence the development of new security standards and solutions. 

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