Sberbank presents survey on world robot technology market

Source: Sberbank

Sberbank has presented an analytic survey on the world robot technology market. The presentation was held at the Skolkovo Robotics Forum in Skolkovo’s large technopark.

The survey was prepared by Sberbank’s Robotics Laboratory, whose experts used several closed and many open sources. In addition, the laboratory held its own field research, consisting of questionnaire and polling.

The survey presents the definition of robots, and says that they should have three qualities: ability to feel the world around them or its elements (using sensors), ability to understand and process obtained information about the world, creating and adopting a model of the world and of their behaviour, as well as ability to change the world in accordance with their models of behaviour. “If one of the abovementioned conditions is not met, the devices is not a robot,” states the document.

The survey includes a classification of robots and a description of the major development trends of the world market. The experts of Sberbank Laboratory consider the following areas will serve as the basis of the industrial and service robotics market by 2020: collaborative industrial manipulator robots, logistic systems (for example, in workshops), (air and ground) autonomous valuable cargo delivery vehicles, personal assistance robots and industrial exoskeletons to reduce fatigue and to increase employees’ labour productivity.

The document also includes a list of the biggest world robotics companies and their description. Out of 13 notable industrial robot producers in the world market, eight are based in Japan, and the other five - in the European Union. The survey also provides a map of Russian robotics, including a list of all companies that are conducting the research and development in robotics. Sberbank has already established partnerships with many of them.

The survey also explains the areas of development that Sberbank has chosen. Sberbank’s Laboratory is currently developing a cash counting robot, carrying out tests of flying devices for delivering valuable cargo, industrial exoskeletons and personal assistants.

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