PayPal arrives for Samsung Pay users

Source: PayPal

In July, we announced a partnership with Samsung that would allow consumers to use PayPal as a payment method wherever Samsung Pay is accepted.

These partnerships continue to provide PayPal users with the freedom to manage and move their money as they see fit.

Today, we have begun rolling out the ability for consumers to use PayPal within Samsung Pay and make purchases at the millions of retailers that accept Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay users can load their PayPal account with the debit card or bank account found in their PayPal Wallet for use in-store - all while continuing to earn Samsung Rewards points. It’s convenient for consumers, because Samsung Pay works with both NFC and MST—that is, it works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap a card.

To create a PayPal top-up card within Samsung Pay, simply:

Tap “+” on upper right hand of Samsung Pay home screen
Select “Add PayPal” in the “Add payment card section”
If you have One Touch enabled, the account will be provisioned. If not, you’ll need to input your account credentials.
Press “Next” and enter a pin for in-store purchases
Select a Debit or bank funding source to top-up the account
Press “Agree & Continue” and you’re all set!

Don’t worry - when you use your phone to pay in stores, PayPal doesn’t send your actual payment information to merchants. Instead we use a virtual account number leveraging tokenization to represent your account info - so your specific payment information isn’t shared with the merchant. In addition, Samsung Pay offers greater peace of mind for customers and merchants than plastic cards thanks to a multi-level approach to security that includes biometric authentication, tokenization of payment credentials and Samsung’s Knox security platform.

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