Colt connects ASX and CME

Source: Colt Technology Services

Colt Technology Services today announced the launch of its new ultra low latency service connecting the Australia Securities Exchange (ASX) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), offering the lowest latency available in the industry.

In addition, Colt is now able to provide protected services to ASX with the implementation of this new route. The new route is part of Colt’s strategic expansion programme to upgrade low latency routes between key exchanges and financial markets.

The ASX-CME route supports the requirements of buy-side and sell-side financial firms operating in the Asia Pacific region, which is particularly important for high-frequency trading (HFT) strategies. The end-to-end round trip delay (RTD) for the new route measures less than 179 ms, whereas the improved ASX to Tokyo route offers an improved latency of less than 99.5 ms end-to-end RTD.

Colt’s Andrew Housden, Vice President of Capital Markets, said: “Colt is committed to serving the most demanding financial firms, combining the latest network technology with a superior customer service. This is why we are expanding and further developing our highly secure, ultra low latency network services, which are designed to support the trading strategies of financial firms in the US, Asia Pacific region and beyond. Market participants can rely on the Colt IQ Network to gain a competitive advantage, as it provides a consistently high quality experience across all regions.”

Colt’s ultra low latency service portfolio offers connectivity routes between the world’s major exchanges, serving financial firms including investment banks, asset managers, high frequency traders and other market participants. In the last year, Colt has actively upgraded and expanded its global network, further strengthening an already prolific service portfolio developed to connect key financial exchanges in Asia, Europe and North America.

In the last two quarters alone, the company has announced an ultra low latency link between the Japan Exchange Group and Chicago, as well as ultra low latency optimisation of key routes between major APAC exchanges such as ASX, HKEX, SGX, and JPX.  

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