Invstr adds Indian equities to trading app

Source: Invstr

Invstr, the leading trading game and investing app, has expanded its real investment offering to include Indian equities, in addition to the US stocks already on offer.

Partnering with SIC Stocks, an Indian fintech broking firm with offices in Bangalore and Mumbai, Invstr aims to open up exciting investment opportunities in the world’s fastest growing economy to investors worldwide. Through its simple-to-use, all-in-one brokerage hub, Invstr allows users in India and globally to learn about and practice playing the stock markets, before making real investments in US, and now Indian, equities.

“The Indian markets provide an incredible opportunity for investors of all ages and expertise, both within India and across the globe”, said Kerim Derhalli, founder and CEO of Invstr. “We’re helping new audiences access these markets through Invstr’s simple, easy-to-understand platform which now brings together an unrivalled educational offering, alongside a real-trading capability that continues to get better and better.”

He added: “We expect this new addition to the Invstr platform to be a particularly valuable and interesting resource for Indian expats across the globe, who can now easily get involved in their home markets, wherever they are based.”

Sidharth Handa, founder and CEO of SIC Stocks, said, “This partnership not only provides Indian investors with the perfect opportunity to trade within our growing and dynamic market, but opens up Indian stocks to a wider audience, whether young or old, experienced or learning, across the world. We’re excited to see the success that the partnership brings.”

On top of its real-trading capability, Invstr’s extensive features help anyone learn about and practice investing in a safe and friendly setting through its investment game. The app provides top quality financial news, now bolstered with the addition of Indian news coverage, and a huge wealth of market data with live quotes now including Indian instruments, taking the total number of instruments on the platform to over 2,000.

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