ABN Amro Mortgage Group recovers lost data tape

Source: Abn Amro Mortgage

The computer tape presumed lost has been located and was returned to our data processing center in Chicago by DHL on Monday December 19.

Even though the tape was returned, we continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the time elapsed until recovery of the tape with DHL. We also continue to screen and have seen no signs of misuse of the information.

It is always a good practice for consumers to monitor their credit activity on a regular basis. We continue to encourage customers who received written notification of the incident to enroll in the free credit monitoring service we have arranged. Based on customer feedback, this free service has been extended with TransUnion to one year.

To enroll in the credit monitoring service, please refer to your customer letter.

If you do not have information on how to enroll in the free credit monitoring service or have other questions, please call your customer service contact (see number below) and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

We understand the concern that this incident may have caused and we deeply regret that it occurred.

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