NAB launches cloud training programme for employees

Source: NAB

NAB has today launched the NAB Cloud Guild, a technology training program which will give more than 2000 NAB employees the opportunity to develop skills in cloud computing, working with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The program will provide participants – from beginners to professional developers – with the opportunity to acquire or build their cloud skills, in support of NAB’s technology transformation.

NAB Chief Technology & Operations Officer, Patrick Wright, said the bank is transforming to become simpler and faster – and AWS cloud technology is a critical enabler to NAB’s transformation.

“Cloud computing is becoming a dominant technology platform and our people need to have the relevant skills to deliver for our customers.

“Customers are demanding seamless, digital experiences and we need to be ready to deliver,” Mr Wright said.
Graduates will have access to become certified ‘AWS Cloud practitioners’. They can also continue training to become an Associate Developer, an Associate Systems Operator or an Associate Architect.

The training will be funded by NAB and run by AWS, and focus on five key areas:
• Architecture
• Security
• Developers
• Operations
• Big data

Training programs will be tailored to different competency levels and will run for between three and five days, with additional hands-on experience provided over a three to six month period.

“The battle for technology talent is fierce and we’re taking action. We want to create opportunities for our people who want to learn new skills and grow their career in technology – and we want the top talent in the industry to come and join us.”
NAB has been focused on reshaping its workforce for the digital future and the NAB Cloud Guild creates a new pathway for employees to develop their skills and capability in technology.

“You can’t pick up cloud skills overnight, but if you have the right mindset, a passion for technology and desire to learn – this could open up new horizons in your career,” Mr Wright said.

“We have a lot of smart, dedicated and passionate people in our bank – and we want to enable them to build great tech; we will continue to look at ways to develop and diversify skills in our people.”

Applications will be open to all NAB employees and applicants will be required to show a passion for learning new things and a basic understanding of technology concepts.

Amazon Web Services Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Paul Migliorini, said: “AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform and we are pleased to be working with NAB to deliver one of the most significant AWS Cloud training programs in Australia or New Zealand.

“Demand for skills in cloud technologies is increasing. We are delighted to see that through this program, NAB is taking a real leadership position in technical skills development.” 

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