Slovakia's Prima Zdroj rolls out First Data POS terminals

Source: First Data

First Data Corporation, a global leader in electronic commerce and payment services, today announced the successful installation of a network of sophisticated POS terminals for PRIMA ZDROJ holding, a.s., one of the largest retail organizations in Slovakia.

The new network is the only one of its kind in Slovakia, with advanced functionality and a range of capabilities. The terminals will enable PRIMA ZDROJ holding, a.s. to provide loyalty programmes for its customers and credit top-up of Easy pre-paid cards from T-Mobile Slovensko, as well as providing all the standard card payment functionality.

PRIMA ZDROJ holding, a.s., based in Povaská Bystrica, is engaged in the wholesale and retail trade, offering food, drugstore and industrial products. 158 payment terminals are installed across the company's commercial premises in Slovakia, communicating through a GPRS network. The terminals were installed by First Data staff from Bratislava.

A range of additional services are also provided by First Data, including real-time management of the client's loyalty programmes and a risk monitoring service focused on the prevention of complex fraudulent transactions.

Monika Mátychová Janeková, Commercial Manager of PRIMA ZDROJ holding, a.s. said: "Thanks to First Data's installation work, we can now employ a wide range of functionalities on our POS terminals. We are pleased to have issued loyalty cards that we can use as co-branded payment cards in future."

Peter Gabri, Managing Director of First Data in Slovakia, commented: "For PRIMA ZDROJ holding, we have built an online loyalty system based on providing information about transaction status, in real time, at each of the company's commercial premises. This is a powerful capability that will deliver real benefits to the company."

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