MUFG makes investment, forms AI alliance with ExaWizards

Source: MUFG

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (MUFG) today announced that its subsidiary Japan Digital Design, Inc. (JDD) has entered into a business alliance with ExaWizards Inc. (ExaWizards) to accelerate development of services for the financial sector.

With the conclusion of the alliance agreement, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. a core banking subsidiary of MUFG has made an investment in ExaWizards.

1. Objective of the alliance Through this alliance, JDD and ExaWizards will conduct development studies of services leveraging synergies between MUFG’s significant breadth of financial sector data and its customer base and ExaWizards’ product development capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), and enhance financial services that combine AI and finance.

2. Overview of the alliance The two companies plan to conduct development studies of online-finance products and HR Tech services that support personnel management in the finance industry. Looking ahead, the companies aim to offer services to regional financial institutions and to expand globally. Additional services that leverage the strengths of both members will be added in the future.

(1) Development studies of online finance-related products Unconstrained by the conventional study models used by financial institutions, the two companies will pursue development studies of online-finance products and construct new credit models making use of information such as deposit and withdrawal data, enabling them to provide superior services quickly and smoothly.

(2) Development studies of HR Tech services As Japan’s labor force declines and employees become increasingly international and diverse, the two companies will pursue development studies of services that offer AI-based support for personnel matters that are key to corporate competitiveness, such as skills development and hiring. The companies will develop HR Tech services specialized for financial services using video and voice analysis technology. This includes features such as the use of video to allow AI to learn the tacit knowledge and know-how of high performers and transfer it to all employees.

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