Credit Union of Ohio signs with Bankjoy

Source: Bankjoy

To continue adapting and evolving in today’s ever-changing technology environment, Credit Union of Ohio ($137 million; 18,890 members; Hilliard, OH) has signed with online and mobile banking provider Bankjoy to provide its members with the latest omnichannel banking experience.

According to Credit Union of Ohio Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Planning Jill Gerschutz, implementing Bankjoy’s online and mobile app is an ideal way to retain members, as well as for its membership to see the credit union as a financial institution that is continuously adapting and evolving.

Gerschutz also looks to leverage Bankjoy’s technology to increase the number of members using the credit union’s online app and banking. Additionally, Bankjoy has already worked with all of Credit Union of Ohio’s third-party vendors -- which will make for an easy transition.

The switch was prompted by Credit Union of Ohio realizing its current online/mobile provider was discontinuing its product - and updates were no longer being produced, as well. “With an ever-changing technology environment,” Gerschutz says, “we knew this was crucial to finding a new product.”

With the continuous changes in consumer demand, she adds that it’s important the credit union meets its members’ and potential members’ needs. “We see the importance of constant movement to enhance our services - especially when it comes to technology and their online banking needs,” she says.

Gerschutz adds that they signed with Bankjoy because of their innovative nature and the many customization options they offer. In addition, they have a financial goal management function that will allow members to create savings goals. Their fingerprint and Face ID login options will also provide members with a secure, quick way to access their accounts.

“We are excited to have Credit Union of Ohio join the Bankjoy family,” states Bankjoy CEO Michael Duncan. “We look forward to providing them with a greatly enhanced online and mobile platform that will meet their members’ evolving needs today - and tomorrow.”

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