Trusted Knight ships in-air financial fraud protection package

Source: Trusted Knight

Trusted Knight, a leader in digital security and anti-fraud technology, today announced the launch of Protector Air, a cloud-based solution that deploys in-stream between consumers and businesses conducting financial transactions to protect both from cyber-attacks and fraud.

Customers using Protector Air are able to prevent banking malware techniques including rootkits, man-in-the-browser attack, session hijacking, account takeovers, and more without assuming the additional cost or risk of deploying a new solution themselves.

According to World Bank data released in 2018, customers of financial services suffered 65 percent more cyberattacks than customers of any other industry, which represented a year over year 29 percent increase. This puts significant pressure on organizations that conduct online commerce to support and secure web applications where customers access private information and engage in sensitive financial transactions.

Historically, these businesses have relied on distinct web application and endpoint solutions, combined with fraud detection technologies to address financial sector threats. However, web application protection has proven difficult to manage, and customer endpoint protection can be intrusive and burdensome for end-users, leading to low adoption rates and ineffectiveness. In addition, fraud detection solutions don’t prevent attacks at all, but have become a fall-back for insufficient security, only providing insight after breaches have occurred.

“The conventional security approach has been to protect the endpoint and the web application separately using two distinct solutions,” said Joseph Patanella, CEO and founder of Trusted Knight. “What we’ve enabled is the modern paradigm of accepting that there will be compromised endpoints as well as attacks on web servers, but secure business can still take place if each touch point of each transaction is protected. We are creating a new category of solutions with Protector Air - one that provides full transaction stack protection.”
Protector Air provides full transaction stack protection that intercepts customer-side malware, prevents web application exploitation, and stops transactional fraud by:

• Protecting the website from direct attack on the infrastructure, frameworks, and application logic
• Protecting the user from endpoint and browser-based malware such as keyloggers and banking Trojans
• Protecting the communications from service disruption through distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
• Incorporating anti-fraud intelligence into the defense to protect transactions

The patented Protector Air technology is:

• Unified - prevents malware, cyber-attacks and fraud
• Agentless - zero impact on customers, 100 percent adoption rate
• Turnkey - rapid deployment, immediate time to value
• Cloud-based - elastic scalability, ultimate reliability
• Platform-independent - all customer devices, all server platforms

“This is an entirely new approach to fraud and security protection,” continued Patanella. “We’ve developed a way to secure all unauthorized transactions and mitigate all negligent end-user behavior, which is the primary source of online fraud losses, without any action required by end-users. Protector Air will radically change the way the industry looks at security and fraud protection, and also provide an extensible solution for other industries such as e-tailers, that deal with sensitive transactions.”

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