FCTI implements Diebold Nixdorf ProFlex4 software at ATMs nationwide

Source: Diebold Nixdorf

FCTI, Inc., a nationwide automated teller machine (ATM) network, today announced the implementation of the Vynamic ProFlex4 ATM platform on more than 7,500 ATMs in over 30 states across the country.

Developed by Diebold Nixdorf as part of its Vynamic™ Connections software suite, ProFlex4 is an open, flexible architecture built on a proven platform and designed to allow operators the ability to implement customized software to increase functionality and customization at the ATM.

"The implementation of this solution meets our strategic objective for a reliable, secure, high performance, and cost-effective operation of our ATMs with 24/7 availability," said Robel Gugsa, CEO for FCTI, Inc. "In addition, the platform's flexibility allows us to easily integrate new functionality and unique personalized customer experience with the use of web-based applications and tools. We believe this will create the customer loyalty and brand awareness that has been lacking in the self-service network - especially in the expansion of bank's brand presence."

FCTI's ATM Solutions team is already taking full advantage of the ProFlex4 implementation - hosting and running a range of proprietary software as well as working to develop new functionality. Some of the benefits retail and financial institution customers can expect to see include:
• ATM user interface using the latest web-based presentation technology
• Increased uptime and reliability
• Device fault monitoring
• Standard and advanced functions and services
o Digital advertising
o One-to-one marketing
o Check/cash deposit
o Cardless cash
o Person-to-person payments/wire transfers
o Bill payments
In addition to these new and upcoming features, FCTI has also upped the ante on ATM security via Diebold Nixdorf’s Vynamic™ Security Suite. The software provides hard disk encryption as well as access and intrusion protection.

"In a world of constant change flexibility, speed, and security are imperative to meet the demands of today's consumers. ProFlex4, along with our entire family of Vynamic software solutions, provides that flexibility along with the fastest way for financial institutions and retailers to deliver a positive customer experience," said Alan Kerr, Senior Vice President, Software at Diebold Nixdorf. "We're excited to join with FCTI in delivering Vynamic ProFlex4 and Vynamic™ Security Suite solutions to demonstrate the expanded connected commerce capabilities of Diebold Nixdorf software and enhance the ATM experience for FCTI customers."

The ProFlex4 platform from Diebold Nixdorf has been deployed at key FCTI ATM locations throughout the US and will continue to be a part of new placements across the FCTI network.  

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