Allfunds debuts integrated ETF transfer system in Spain

Source: Allfunds

Once again Allfunds, the leading platform in open architecture solutions*, innovates the fund industry through a unique solution in the market, an operative and technological solution that allows Spanish financial distributors to operate and transfer ETFs and mutual funds interchangeably.

This is a competitive advantage that no other platform offers in Spain and allows any financial distributor attached to the platform to allow its investors to exchange investments within the transferable universe, without any fiscal impact for the final investor.

This is the first time that an integrated solution has been offered in the market combining investment funds and ETFs, thus adapting the needs of investors who increasingly demand more efficient and cost-competitive investment products.

Allfunds has integrated the possibility of transferring fund investments to ETFs, from ETFs to ETFs and from ETFs to funds, thus covering the different cases allowed today under the Spanish “traspaso” fiscal regime. Among the many challenges that Allfunds has overcome, it stands out the effective management of decimals in ETFs, the identification of the instruments in the different markets, the management of the fiscal items associated with the transfers, as well as the total operational consolidation of funds and ETFs through a single efficient cannel.

Allfunds will begin marketing under this Spanish transfers’ system, the ranges of the main ETFs managers in the European universe, with a broad coverage of the total market and making available to its network of distributors new investment instruments.

Laura González, Head of Iberia at Allfunds said, "Thanks to this technological development, our distributors will be able to implement and create new products for their clients, facilitating the investment in investment funds and ETFs to the retail investor. Any distributor that wishes can count on our platform to offer operational and fiscally efficient solutions.” The platform continues in this way betting on open architecture in the sector and putting the best instruments available in the market in the hands of its distributors.

*‘European Fund Distribution: Leading Platforms,’ Platforum, March 2017

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