Poynt adds TruRating to collect customer feedback at the POS

Source: TruRating

TruRating, a technology company specializing in point-of-payment customer feedback solutions for online and brick-and-mortar businesses, announced today a partnership with Poynt, the maker of the world’s first smart terminal.

TruRating will join Poynt’s Apps Marketplace, where merchants can select innovative solutions that enhance business operations beyond payments.

TruRating, which provides easy-to-understand insights via an online dashboard and mobile app, will be the first app for the Poynt Smart Terminal related to customer feedback. Other apps currently in the Poynt marketplace allow merchants to oversee employee timesheets, conduct advanced sales reporting or create and manage gift card programs, among other high-value capabilities.

“Poynt has built a beautiful terminal that’s all about connecting merchants and consumers, which is exactly where TruRating comes into its own,” said Georgina Nelson, CEO, TruRating. “Using the simple yet extremely intelligent Poynt marketplace, merchants can gain access to representative feedback from all their customers simply by activating on the terminal. It’s a perfect platform and partnership for helping merchants get real business value out of something that was traditionally only used for collecting payments.”

TruRating was launched in 2014 by Nelson, a former lawyer who wanted to help businesses get better insights by giving a voice to the “silent majority” of consumers who never give reviews. Using the 0-9 keypad at checkout, customers provide a quick response to one question, which produces an industry-leading 88 percent response rate. This validated customer feedback data is fed back to merchants in near real-time.

For SMBs using Poynt, TruRating offers the chance to compete against larger enterprises with more resources to devote to big data and customer experience. Business owners can better support their teams while effortlessly increasing revenue -- in some cases up to an eight percent increase within days of switching on TruRating.

Poynt was started in 2013 by Google Wallet founder and former PayPal executive Osama Bedier to revolutionize the payment experience for merchants and their customers. Poynt’s terminals offer merchants big and small access to a public apps marketplace, custom apps capabilities, terminal management, secure payment options (including chip, mag-stripe and NFC options like AliPay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay), remote monitoring and reporting via web and app, and wireless connectivity via 3G, Wi-Fi or ethernet.

“Customer feedback is no longer a novelty, it’s a necessity,” said Praveen Alavilli, head of app ecosystem and platform at Poynt. “TruRating allows merchants to get the pulse of their customers and make every experience a perfect ten, ensuring return visits and reducing the likelihood of negative public reviews. The best part is that merchants are able to capture this valuable information at a point of interaction no customer can miss -- when they pay! We’re so pleased to offer TruRating to our merchants.”

Following a successful pilot program, TruRating is now live within the Poynt ecosystem.

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