SpiceFactory ships white label banking chatbot Cognito

Source: SpiceFactory

SpiceFactory today announced the launch of Cognito, a white label chatbot platform that enables on-demand, contextual banking experiences.

With Cognito, banking customers can easily manage their money across accounts, track expenses, and get loan guidance, all from their favorite messaging application.

Cognito chatbot platform brings personalized banking services to the digital native customers who prefer round-the-clock access to their financial information on Facebook Messenger, Slack, Viber and other messaging apps, over searching through bank websites and clunky applications.

Cognito is built to help banks innovate digitally so they can delight customers, reduce friction, and drive growth. The banking chatbots built on Cognito platform are able to address a range of common customer needs, including checking of account balances and transactions, providing credit card expenses summary, and answering FAQs.

“To attract new customers, build a more loyal customer base, and drive more incremental revenue, banks need to meet their customer where they already are - in messaging apps,” says Milos Zikic, CEO of SpiceFactory. “We’ve built Cognito to help banks rapidly meet the expectations of digital customers by providing personalized, one-on-one banking experiences at scale through their preferred communication channels.”

Cognito empowers banks to:

Provide on-demand access to banking services on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, and Slack
Improve cross-sell/up-sell through highly targeted offers
Provide 24/7 instant support for quick problem resolution
Deliver frictionless Customer Experience

As a white label chatbot platform, Cognito can be customized according to a bank’s specific needs. The platform enables rapid deployment of branded chatbots for banking and easy integration with the systems of record (ERP, CRM), enabling banks to get to market in weeks, not months.

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