ABN Amro's Moneyou exports Tikkie payments app to Germany

Source: ABN Amro

Payment app Tikkie is going international. From today, anyone with a German bank account can use this hip and handy app to ask money back from friends and acquaintances.

Marketed by ABN AMRO subsidiary Moneyou, the German version of Tikkie is nearly identical to the Dutch one.

"Less than two years after Tikkie's launch, it's already time for the first cross-border venture," says ABN AMRO Chief Digital Officer Frank Verkerk. "And we owe it all to the many users who made Tikkie their own and provided us with continuous feedback on how to make the app even better and more enjoyable to use. We hope our German neighbours will also embrace Tikkie, and adopt it as a fast and friendly way to ask back money they lent to friends and acquaintances."
Over 2 million users

In the Netherlands, Tikkie already sees use by well over 2 million people as a way to request repayment after lending people money for things like shared gifts, having lunch, or going for a drink. Following the app's huge popularity among individual users, more and more companies and institutions are discovering what a user-friendly and customer-friendly payment method Tikkie is. For example, Tikkie assists the Dutch Heart Foundation in their fundraising activities. And the University of Groningen uses Tikkie to remind students to pay their university tuition fees.

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