Australia's AtlasTrend releases voice-activated finance bot

Source: AtlasTrend

AtlasTrend, the financial investment platform helping Australians invest in global trends, is launching Australia’s first voice-activated personal investment assistant, Astro, once again challenging traditional institutions and approaches to investing money.

One of the first voice-activated fintech bots in Australia, Astro is available on Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Assistant devices, and uses verbal commands to allow transactional capabilities for AtlasTrend investors, and provide users with real-time responses and information on AtlasTrend’s investment portfolios and general investment info.

Following Astro’s initial launch, the team are set to develop and roll-out additional capabilities throughout the year, further enhancing its functionality and user experience. Astro will inform users of AtlasTrend’s investments, help them improve their investment knowledge and keep up to date with global investing trends.

Investment markets can be daunting, and AI-powered Astro provides users with insights to help make sense of the investment landscape.

Unlike other fund managers, AtlasTrend provides investors with total transparency over their portfolio’s composition, meaning users can check how much of their money is in specific stocks, such as Amazon, Facebook, or eBay, for example.

Consumers will also be able to review investment return information and reports, ask questions about AtlasTrend, and access the month’s most important AtlasTrend investment news and information.

AtlasTrend co-founder, Kent Kwan, said, “Astro is a friendly, at-home source of on-demand investment info, designed to help users quickly check-in on their investments, as well as improve financial literacy through on-demand access to components of The Atlas, AtlasTrend’s database of financial know-how.

“One of the biggest problems with the financial services industry is the barrier to entry for everyday Australians. Astro helps cut through the jargon to make overseas investing more accessible.”

AtlasTrend was formed in 2015 to help all Australians learn about and invest in long-term global trends. Given the ASX makes up less than three per cent of the global share market, AtlasTrend recognised a huge opportunity for Australians to take a more global approach to investing. Its investment team has more than 50 years’ combined financial markets experience, including previous roles at JP Morgan and Macquarie Group, having managed more than $2 billion for investors.

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