Eze Software bolsters Eclipse connectivity

Source: Eze Software

Eze Software, a global provider of investment technology, has signed on 60 broker-dealers to provide connectivity for Eze Eclipse, its new, born-in-the-cloud investment management solution.

Eze Eclipse, a single unified platform that supports the entire investment workflow, launched in 2017. Eze Software chose 20 emerging equity and event-focused hedge funds as exclusive first users on the platform. It plans to expand access to the platform throughout 2018 by targeting funds that would most benefit from a holistic, user-driven approach to managing the investment process. In 2017, Eze also continued to expand its already well-established presence in the start-up market with 56 start-ups signing on for Eze Investment Suite.

Nearly all major Tier 1 and Tier 2 players have joined the Eze Eclipse network in the last 12 months, providing connectivity spanning the global equities market to a growing segment of the investment management industry. More than half of Eclipse clients have connections for trading outside of the U.S. in Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Overall, 200 connections have been set up to facilitate electronic trading between buy-side and sell-side clients. Additionally, 22 algo tickets have been embedded into the network, and that list continues to grow.

The easily accessible cloud infrastructure enables broker-dealers to deliver tools and software updates to buy-side clients faster, without complex installation work. Streamlined FIX connection requests and rapid implementation ensure the sell-side can connect and trade with Eze Eclipse users faster than ever before.

“As a long-time provider of trading and execution services to the investment management community, we have relationships with all the major broker-dealers in the market, and we look forward to leveraging those relationships as we continue to grow the Eze Eclipse network,” said Joe Doherty, Managing Director and head of the Sell-Side Business at Eze Software. “Eze Eclipse was designed as a seamless ecosystem for the investment management community, and we look forward to expanding that vision with our partners.”  

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