Poland's PeP buys online payments outfit PayLne

Source: PeP

On March 1, 2018 PeP (Polskie ePlatnosci) bought 100% shares of PayLane.

PeP is one of the leaders in the Polish payment terminal market, while PayLane specializes in innovative solutions for online payments. Together they intend to expand the range of their services and offer their clients the opportunity to accept payments in the omnichannel model: via payment terminals, mobile, and online.
Additional information about the companies

Polskie ePłatnosci specializes in processing cashless payments and distributing innovative services for business, enabling credit card processing and the implementation of other services via POS terminals. A wide range of services offered by PeP includes, inter alia, settlement of card transactions, cashback, DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), top-up pre-paid mobile phones, and support for advanced loyalty programs.

PayLane is an online and mobile payment provider. Since 2005 PayLane has managed to acquire invaluable experience in dozens of world markets and is now able to offer payment services on a global level to Polish e-businesses. Apart from the most popular online payment methods (like credit/debit cards, online bank transfers/orders, e-wallet), PayLane offers a wide variety of solutions which are characteristic for specific countries or regions, allowing transactions carried out in currencies from all around the world.

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