Railsbank partners with Carta Worldwide

Source: Railsbank

Railsbank and Carta Worldwide have announced a strategic partnership which will enable Railsbank customers to issue their own-branded Mastercard debit cards, that work with Railsbank accounts and International Bank Account Numbers (IBANS).

A UK-based open-banking and compliance platform, Railsbank offers digital native companies a simple API that equips them with all the requirements to access global banking services. Railsbank customers can offer an array of digital banking services to their clients, without worrying about the hurdles of complex legacy banking software and compliance. Now, thanks to Carta’s processing platform, these Railsbank customers can also offer Mastercard debit cards in their own brand—both traditional and virtual—adding simple in-person payments to their client offerings.

Beyond the services offered by most prepaid Mastercard debit cards, Railsbank can now offer the full functionality you would expect of a bank’s debit card: including standing orders, bill payment and electronic funds transfer.

The move sets Railsbank up as a program manager, with Carta as processor. Based in Canada and the UK, Carta enables digital payments for leaders like Paypal and Vodafone. Railsbank CEO and co-founder, Nigel Verdon, said “the partnership is part of an intentional play to build a robust product offering. We continue to build partnerships with some of the most dynamic players in the market and we welcome Carta, a market leader, to our partner network and platform.”

Carta Chief Commercial Officer, Giles Sutherland said: “Railsbank is providing the foundation for the future of commerce—offering an impeccable user experience up front, supported by the complete back end infrastructure of a bank, all with just a few lines of code. It’s an exciting development to be part of.”

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