Singapore's Active.Ai targets US market

Source: Active Intelligence

Singapore-based artificial intelligence startup, Active Intelligence Pte Ltd (Active.Ai), made a significant step into the United States and Mexico by signing two important clients.

Active.Ai is an enterprise platform for financial services that helps facilitate intelligent micro-conversations. Active.Ai has raised US$11.75m from marquee investors, seen notable success enabling India’s top-tier banks, including four of the country’s largest, as well as insurance companies in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. Its financial services have spanned into other verticals like wealth management and securities trading.

On the heels of launching projects with Axis Bank and CIMB Bank, Active.Ai now has its sights set on the North American market. The 24-month-old company has already established a strong foothold, having secured two new clients in the region.

Elizabeth Duke, SVP of Business Development, is responsible for driving new business opportunities in the Americas. Duke shared, “I'm excited to be part of a growing team that’s focused and committed to the US, Canadian, and Mexican markets. With significant bank customers across Asia, it’s clear the Active.Ai team is ready to deploy at scale in the Americas. The potential is huge to up-end the level of service that banks can deliver to their clients.” Duke brings 30 years of global sales and marketing experience in financial services, including senior-level positions at MasterCard, CSAM, Carta Worldwide, and Network for Electronic Transfers Singapore (NETS). She will play a key role in growing the company’s presence across North America alongside co-founder and CEO, Ravishankar, and co-founder and COO, Shankar Narayanan.

"We’ve already seen a strong interest in our full-stack solution, and these early wins suggest North American financial services are ready to incorporate an innovative full-stack AI solution,” explained Ravishankar. He added, “As Active.Ai scales and enters new markets like the United States, we continue to hire talented people to drive product innovation and growth—2018 will be an exciting year for banks in the Americas.”

Active.Ai runs on a proprietary artificial intelligence engine called Triniti that enables financial institutions to have a meaningful, intuitive engagement with their customers across multiple apertures, using messaging, voice, and IOT devices. This unique solution—built from the ground up by Active.Ai—includes Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Natural Language Generation.

“Conversational AI is arriving just in time for the financial services and insurance industries.” Shankar Narayanan explains: “These industries are evolving quickly to remain relevant to changing customer expectations. Using advanced conversational AI, we see an exciting opportunity for banks and insurance companies to create a natural dialogue and more meaningful connections with their customers using everyday micro-conversations.” 

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