PKO Bank Polski debuts one-click bank account and company registration service

Source: PKO Bank Polski

You just need a few minutes to open your business with the PKO Bank Polski transaction website.

With the new application available in the iPKO service, it just takes a few simple steps to simultaneously register your business and open a company account in PKO Bank Polski. You can do it from anywhere in the world and it only takes a few minutes to complete the application. Your company’s registration and new account is confirmed through a Trusted Profile. This solution is a breakthrough on the Polish market.

At the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, we are creating a friendly ecosystem of online services. I am convinced that Poles will show a great amount of interest in the possibility of establishing a company using e-banking systems and will have a positive effect on the number of entrepreneurs who manage their businesses electronically. By opening up new opportunities for our entrepreneurs, we create an offer to help them operate online and save time and money - emphasizes Jadwiga Emilewicz, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

PKO Bank Polski has been successfully supporting Polish entrepreneurship for years, offering products adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. We are consolidating our position of leading business partner for Polish companies and helping businesses further develop every day. We focus on building positive customer experiences and increasing their trust - the new solution, which makes it possible to quickly and easily open a company in the iPKO transactional service, is a natural outcome of our strategy for digitalization. In future, we plan to add extra services to our offer in terms of supporting Polish entrepreneurs in everyday work - says Jan Emeryk Rościszewski, Vice President of the Management Board of PKO Bank Polski.

What does the company's registration process look like? All you need to do is log in to the transactional website of PKO Bank Polski and go to the "e-Urząd" tab.

After entering all data, the completed form will be shown on the screen. After accepting it, you must enter the authorization code, after which you will be redirected to the screen where you can sign the business registration application and business account application via the Trusted Profile.
You will receive notifications about the next steps of the application process as well as messages from CEIDG to the e-mail address provided in the form. The time required to register a company in CEIDG and receiving the NIP and REGON numbers should not exceed one business day.
New business owners will be glad to know that during the process of registering their company, they are, at the same time, applying to be entered into the REGON register, submitting a declaration to the head of the tax office (NIP) and registers the client as a payer of contributions at the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).
After setting up the business, the entrepreneur will also be able to use other e-government services available in iPKO or via the Trusted Profile (eGO) - including access to PUE ZUS, sending personal details to GIODO, registering a cash register, obtaining access to the Tax Portal, modifying company data in CEIDG, as well as suspending and resuming commercial activity.
Our customers have already established 68 companies via the iPKO transactional website.

PKO Bank Polski for businesses

According to the survey "Small companies reporting on financial services 2017” conducted by the “Indicator” Marketing Research Centre, PKO Bank Polski was mentioned most often as the primary bank for small companies. Nearly a quarter of the small businesses surveyed use the services of PKO Bank Polski.

The main pillar of the bank’s strategy is to support Polish companies and help the economy grow. The Bank offers a plethora of products for companies and supports them with a wide range of financing products. Micro-enterprises are offered capital and investment loans. Starting December 2017, customers who are opening their business can use dedicated financing solutions: Start Loan and Start Leasing.

PKO Bank Polski is also the first bank of choice for start-ups. Close to one year after the purchase of a Financial technology (FinTech) company, business customers of the bank can benefit from a special promotional offer by participating in the loyalty program. ZenCard Technology gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to organize promotional and discount campaigns at their retail and service points via payment cards and the POS terminal.

The smallest companies, exporters as well as companies planning to expand abroad have access to information on foreign markets and industry analyses. This has become possible with the last year’s Export Support Platform, available at:
Support for digitization is part of the Bank's strategy

One of the Bank’s main strategy objectives between 2016-2020 is to complete digitization and support the development of e-government services in cooperation with public institutions. From the very beginning, PKO Bank Polski has been a leader in the digitization process and is proposing further innovative solutions that will facilitate contacting public institutions. The bank's customers also have the opportunity to access their PUE ZUS accounts, apply for the 500+ child benefit or register a Trusted Profile. Furthermore, as was the case in the prior year, you can file your tax return documentation with the bank. All you have to do is fill in the PIT-WZ application on the transaction website and the tax office indicated in it will prepare the tax return itself.

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