Allpoint installs ATMs at Walgreens locations across the US

Source: Allpoint

Allpoint, the largest surcharge-free ATM network with 55,000 ATMs worldwide, today announced Allpoint ATMs are now available at nearly 7,000 Walgreens drugstore locations nationwide – including for the first time locations in Alaska, Michigan and Nebraska.

Allpoint Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cardtronics (Nasdaq: CATM).

This milestone comes after a year of significant growth for the Allpoint surcharge-free ATM network at Walgreens family of drugstore locations. Since late 2016, Allpoint has added approximately 2,000 locations with the drugstore chain in key metropolitan areas across the nation, including the introduction of Allpoint ATMs at Walgreens and Duane Reade stores in New York City, as well as Walgreens stores in Chicago. This year-long relationship expansion also involved adding entire states, with Allpoint ATMs newly appearing most recently in Walgreens locations statewide in Alaska, Michigan and Nebraska, and before that in Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana and Utah.

Allpoint-eligible cardholders can always find the nearest participating Allpoint surcharge-free ATM using the Allpoint ATM locator app.

“Our Allpoint surcharge-free ATM network, featuring an unrivaled scale and density of high-quality retail locations like Walgreens, is increasingly being embraced as the perfect cash access complement to the digital strategy of banks and credit unions of all sizes,” said Brian Bailey, Cardtronics Managing Director - North America.

Bailey continued: “In this era of bank transformation, it remains crucial to have the right physical presence in the right places to meet customer needs. The Allpoint Network provides the high-value physical network that empowers financial institutions to focus on their digital initiatives, while still providing the convenient, surcharge-free cash access their cardholders demand.”

Cash's Enduring Role in a Digital World
Cash has an important place in Americans' wallets and hearts, according to the Cardtronics Health of Cash survey. While people are adding digital options to their payments toolkit, there is compelling evidence cash has formed a durable and enduring bond with American consumers, who embrace choice rather than exclusively cashless in the way they pay.

Based on the most recent survey results, provided consumers have the freedom to choose, the rise of digital payments seems unlikely to dispel cash due to the enduring bond it has with consumers overall. The latest Health of Cash Study found that 89 percent of people like having the ability to use a variety of payment methods, and 82 percent of consumers would miss cash if it went away.

What's more, the overall desire for choice is reflected in consumers' feelings toward cashless establishments. Across all consumers, 61 percent admitted they get upset when establishments don't accept cash, regardless of their payment preference, and 66 percent think payment technology is moving too fast toward digital payments.

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