Opal Transfer launches new service to transfer money between Ukraine & Poland

Source: Opal Transfer

Opal Transfer, the London based Fintech company is to launch a new money transfer service between Poland and Ukraine.

The service is the first time that Opal Transfer has used its innovative technology to organise money transfers between two non UK-countries.

There are more than two million Ukrainians currently working in Poland who will be able to use Opal Transfer’s app, and benefit from Opal’s same day transfer service.

It is estimated that Ukrainians transferred a record €1billion back home or around 5 billion Polish Zloty in 2016*.

Ukrainians, account for 6% of all the employees in Poland, and are benefiting from the strength of the Polish economy. For the last few years the country has enjoyed uninterrupted growth and has also experienced a labour shortage. Both of these factors have boosted the number of Ukrainians working in Poland.

The app is part of a growing range of services being rolled out through Europe by Opal Transfer:
• Opal Transfer have transferred money for over 300,000 clients right across Europe;
• Opal Transfer operates in thirty eight European countries with its headquarters in London;
• Opal Transfer has led the development of new ways to send money across Europe. Customers benefit from online, via mobile app, branches and via call centre services.

Gita Petkevica, Managing Director of Opal Transfer said: ‘Opal Transfer will be able to transfer hard earned money back to the Ukraine almost instantly which is going to have a direct impact on the lives of more than a million hard working Ukrainians. And what is even more exciting, we offer very competitive price - only 5 Polish Zloty’.

‘Whether you’re a Ukrainian teacher, builder or technician, Opal Transfer’s service is about making your money transfers cost effective and speedy’.

‘Innovation is absolutely at the core of what we do as a London-based European fintech company, making it as efficient and speedy as possible for the customer. The app initiative is about a desire to act quickly on what our customers are telling us’.
‘This product enhances our offering to our customers with more to come as we continue to grow and expand into new markets across the continent’.

* Polish National Bank report, 2016

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