KashFlow extends SME options with Global Payments integration

Source: KashFlow

KashFlow announces new partnership with Global Payments

KashFlow is pleased to announce that they will be working with Global Payments, a leading worldwide provider of payment technology services, to expand its range of payment technology solutions for KashFlow’s 57,000 UK customers.

This partnership will provide KashFlow customers the ability to choose the way they accept payments - whether it is in person, online or over the phone.

“One of our key missions at KashFlow is to help our customers get paid faster,” said Oliver Shaw, CEO of KashFlow, “The Federation of Small Businesses estimate that one in three payments to small businesses are late. And with £26 billion owed to UK small businesses, as many as 50,000 are forced out of business as a result.” “As one of the UK’s leading Accounting Software providers, we see it as our responsibility to protect our customers from the impact of late payers - and working with Global Payments provides a fantastic opportunity to do so.”

Global Payments offers the ability to take card payments at the time of purchase to suit the merchant’s business as well as the security of payment into the merchant’s account, usually within three working days of end of day reconciliation. This reduces the need to chase late payment of invoices, process lengthy cheques and store cash on premises, and it helps to manage cash flow for the business.

By partnering with Global Payments, KashFlow’s customers enjoy a winning combination of preferential card processing rates and a wider choice of payment technology options for their end users. In a competitive marketplace for small businesses, this helps KashFlow’s customers elevate service levels and differentiate themselves from competitors in the marketplace through customer satisfaction and retention.

“The combination of KashFlow and Global Payments, and the slicker end-to-end service we’ll be able to offer, makes sense in the fast-growing micro end of the SME market - where late payments are one of the main concerns.” Said Oliver, “And as we move further into a cashless society, innovations like this will keep UK businesses ahead of the curve.”

“We are excited to partner with KashFlow in support of improving payment software options for the small business community,” said Nigel Hyslop, President and Managing Director UK, Global Payments. “Global Payments is dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complex world of payment technology services and helping them in their growth.”

The KashFlow and Global Payments integration is now live.

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