SmartTrade unveils blockchain-based post-trade offering

Source: smartTrade Technologies

SmartTrade Technologies, a multi-asset electronic trading solutions pioneer, is proud to announce today its brand new blockchain-based solution.

The new and fully integrated smartTrade solution captures and sends post-trade data to a private and permissioned Distributed Ledger. This guarantees all trades are recorded and cannot be altered. For smartTrade’s clients, it’s an additional proof of transparency and allows them to be prepared for any audits or future regulatory requirements. smartTrade’s hosted clients will be able to subscribe to this new global service and access it quickly and easily through an open API.

“We started exploring blockchain technology as a result of client feedback and because we believe that blockchain is a major technology milestone which can be leveraged to solve many transparency issues the financial world is facing today,” commented David VINCENT, CEO of smartTrade Technologies. “Innovation is what drives smartTrade and while our post-trade Distributed Ledger is our first blockchain-based application, we are already exploring how to expand our use of this technology,” he concluded. 

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