Australia's Bankwest launches Halo payments ring

Source: Bankwest

Bankwest customers across Australia are now able to tap and go using the Bankwest Halo, Australia’s first payment ring.

The ring, which is waterproof to 50m, has been produced as part of Bankwest’s focus on empowering customers with new and innovative ways to pay.

Bankwest Managing Director Rowan Munchenberg said the ring had been developed in response to the changing needs of customers.

“Customers’ needs are always changing and in today’s digital world they increasingly expect smooth transactions that fit with their lifestyles, whether shopping online or in person.

Bankwest General Manager, Customer Communications and Brand, Nichole Banks said she hoped customers would love the simplicity of the ring.

“No more fumbling for your purse or wallet, no need to ensure your phone’s charged in order to pay - it’s a new era in contactless payment.

“We’re very excited to bring this entirely new wearable payment option to Australia and we hope new and existing customers will come to love the convenience it provides,” she said.

The Bankwest Halo payment ring links to a customer’s Bankwest transaction account and works just like a contactless payment card. A convenient alternative to your card, cash or phone, the ring means funds are immediately on hand. The ring also has the same security as a Bankwest Mastercard™, with 24/7 fraud protection.

Last year Bankwest trialled a choice of wearable devices for colleagues and customers to use in their everyday lives. The trial, and the feedback obtained, has led to the release of the Bankwest Halo.
“Our customers’ lives are so varied and this ring offers them complete freedom to pay wherever and however they want. The likes of cyclists, swimmers, surfers and joggers will love the Bankwest Halo’s convenience,” said Nichole.

”Plus, as it’s a ring, something usually that people choose to wear as jewellery, it’s got that little bit of a wow factor too,” she added.

Notes to editors:

The Bankwest Halo will be available to customers for $39 (Available at launch to a limited number of customers for $29).
Customers can order the ring through Bankwest online banking or in store.
The Bankwest Halo is fully waterproof up to 50m, secured by Mastercard™ and does not require charging or an associated mobile phone app.
The ring comes in two colours options, is individually sized and is non-transferable.

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