ABN Amro's Tikkie app reaches two million users

Source: ABN Amro

Repayment app Tikkie now has over two million unique users.

That is double the figure of August 2017, when the app passed the one million users mark. With a weekly average of 440,000 payment requests, Tikkie is by far the biggest app of its kind in the Netherlands.

ABN AMRO Chief Digital Officer Frank Verkerk: “We're proud of Tikkie's enormous growth. Two million happy users is a fantastic accomplishment and we're hoping to keep expanding further this year. Tikkie’s market share of 86% is something we're really pleased with too. It's a clear sign that the Dutch have embraced Tikkie, which is also reflected in the ongoing rise of the number of sent and paid Tikkie requests.”
December busiest month

In absolute terms, December 2017 was Tikkie's best month so far. The app hit a record number of Tikkie requests fulfilled in one month, due to the Dutch December holidays of Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Not surprising, considering the breakdown of the top three reasons to lend someone a small sum: shared gifts (1), food and drinks (2) and group outings (3). A total of 2.2 million Tikkie requests were fulfilled over the month, with a peak on 30 December when the largest number of requests (97,125) was paid.
Business partnerships

For 2018, ABN AMRO wants Tikkie to play an even more important role in facilitating payments. Not just between family, friends and acquaintances but also in a business setting. Verkerk explains: “We've already entered into partnerships with organisations such as Transavia, Hello Fresh, and Ajax. We're also assisting the fundraising activities of charities like the Dutch Heart Foundation and Warchild. Tikkie is so convenient that customers pay very fast, these organisations have discovered. Retailers and the catering industry are also increasingly interested in helping their customers pay with Tikkie.” In December, ABN AMRO launched a pilot to allow customers to pay using Tikkie when visiting the Munch Food Fit Food To Go shop in Amsterdam.

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