Linxo and Raising forge Eyuropean partnership

Source: Raisin

Linxo, the No. 1 smart financial assistant in France for aggregating bank accounts, and Raisin, the Berlin-based start-up behind the No. 1 platform allowing investors to access the best savings accounts in Europe, announced their partnership this Monday, January 29th.

Altogether, the two fintechs, that altogether have raised more than 80 million euros, aim at making European savings available easily right at your fingertips.

Making European savings accessible to everyone
This collaboration between these two European fintechs will enable the 1.6 million Linxo users to access the best choice of secure savings accounts across Europe.
Established in Berlin in 2013, Raisin has quickly evolved into one of the largest fintechs in Europe, partnering with more than 40 banks and financial institutions. To date, more than 100,000 European customers have invested over 5 billion euros via the Raisin platform. The team of more than 120 talents operates country-specific platforms in Germany, France, Spain and Austria, as well as its European platform.

“With the impetus of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), we will now be able to create a harmonised approach in Europe,” says Bruno Van Haetsdaele, co-founder of Linxo. “Raisin is the first pan-European partner of Linxo Market, the first marketplace to be launched by a financial assistant app in Europe in January 2017. This partnership reflects our desire to create an open European ecosystem of financial services directly accessible from Linxo whatever the european country you live in.”

Tamaz Georgadze, founder of Raisin, is equally enthusiastic: "We have a presence in over 30 European countries and our users are looking for attractive interest rates in combination with simple and convenient processes. With Linxo, a French citizen can open a term savings account in Austria, Portugal or the Czech Republic with just a few clicks while benefiting from the respective national deposit guarantee scheme in all EU countries that covers invested capital of up to 100,000 euros per customer and per bank. We are very happy to now partner with Linxo which also has a pan-European vision and is working on making access to personal finances smart and simple, just as we are doing with savings products. It is therefore very natural for our two companies to collaborate.”

Two fast growing fintechs
This partnership between Linxo and Raisin follows a fundraising effort initiated by the two players on both sides of the Rhine. Since its creation in 2013, Raisin has raised more than 60 million euros, and Linxo has raised 23.2 million euros since 2010, including 20 million euros last summer, with Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and MAIF. This latest round of fundraising is one of the most important carried out by a French fintech in recent years.

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