XRP now available on 50 exchanges worldwide

Source: Ripple

The digital asset market is heating up. Many new assets entered the space touting to be better and faster for settling payments. Worldwide interest surged, which boosted the collective market cap from $93.3 billion in August 2017 to just under $600 billion by mid December 2017 — an increase of 543 percent in just four months.

However, despite continued rise of digital assets, XRP remains the fastest and most scalable asset on the market.

The market is taking notice of XRP’s speed, reliability and scalability — which has strengthened the demand for XRP and where it’s listed. In fact, we’re proud to announce that XRP has gone from being listed on six exchanges earlier this year to more than 50 worldwide.

The increased demand for XRP speaks to the market’s understanding of the need for a fast and scalable asset that serves as a reliable liquidity tool for financial institutions through the product xRapid.

To serve that role in cross-border flows, XRP needs deep liquidity across fiat currencies. In support of that goal and healthy XRP markets, it’s a top priority for Ripple to have XRP listed on top digital asset exchanges, making it broadly accessible worldwide. Ripple has dedicated resources to the initiative so you can expect ongoing progress.

XRP’s widening footprint in major markets

In addition to our currently listings, expansion into the following global exchanges makes it possible for Ripple to better serve growing demand for XRP. It also reinforces that XRP is the digital asset that can truly modernize the global payments systems.

XRP is now available on the following exchanges:
• CEX.IO — One of the largest exchanges in the United Kingdom with an average daily total trade volume of $94 million.
• GMOCoin — The leading exchange in Japan.
• Huobi.pro — A major exchange in Singapore with an average daily total trade volume of $787 million.

XRP is the leading digital asset to remove friction from global payments

XRP’s long-term value is determined by its utility — including its ability to help financial institutions source liquidity for payments into and out of emerging markets. In fact, financial institutions have already begun to use XRP as a liquidity tool, reducing the cost of sending cross-border payments.

“The market recognizes that XRP is the fastest, most scalable digital asset for global payments that can also provide liquidity to financial institutions,” said Patrick Griffin, SVP of business development for Ripple.

“What’s more, being listed on more than 50 exchanges will not only make this asset more available globally but also further the Internet of Value, which will enable the world to move money as easily as information moves today.”

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