Quovo ships PFM modules

Source: Quovo

Quovo, a data platform that provides connectivity to financial accounts, today announced the launch of Personal Finance Management (PFM) modules for financial institutions and enterprises.

The new modules allow end-users to measure their net worth over time, view a personal balance sheet, track spending, improve budgeting, and progress toward financial goals.

Quovo's new modules are designed to enable a new level of optionality for financial firms looking to implement account aggregation and innovate digitally. Built on Quovo's API layer, the new PFM tools are entirely modular, enabling unprecedented control and configuration for enterprises considering whether to build or buy key elements of a client portal.

"Account aggregation is a must-have centerpiece for any digital strategy in fintech, but sometimes larger firms are unsure how to decide between building on Quovo's API or purchasing an out-of-the-box front-end to improve speed to market," said Niko Karvounis, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Quovo. "With the launch of Quovo PFM, we now support the full spectrum of configuration options for deploying world-class account aggregation, including directly via our API, through embeddable modules, within a full dashboard -- or even a combination of our approaches. Ultimately, our goal is to not only broaden the accessibility of our aggregation but also to accelerate digital roadmaps across the industry."

The new modules can be implemented as a full package or as individual widgets delivered through Quovo Connect -- an easy-to-use javascript framework for embedding Quovo's user interface into other applications. Designed with mobile use cases in mind and easily white-labeled, the PFM modules represent an innovative delivery method for firms that want to accelerate a digital, mobile experience leveraging Quovo's industry-leading account connectivity and data.

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