Salt Edge's Spectre API to be used by Societe Generale Expressbank

Source: Salt Edge

Société Générale Expressbank, the seventh largest financial institution in Bulgaria and part of Societe Generale group, has partnered with Salt Edge Inc. to employ Spectre API into the development of their new Digital Banking PFM Solution.

This will enable SGEB’s customers to keep all their accounts connected to a single app and achieve a holistic view of their financial life. Besides data aggregation, the customers will benefit from Spectre’s advanced transaction categorization engine which will significantly simplify their day-to-day financial planning.

All of the 1600 SGEB’s employees firmly believe that offering their customers comprehensive, flexible, high quality, and innovative products are crucial for retaining and increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. With the help of Spectre’s financial data aggregation and enrichment capabilities, SGEB aims to provide their customers with a new intuitive way to manage their financial lives, without having to use third-party money management apps.

Societe Generale Expressbank has received a number of prestigious recognitions during the year, such as the “Most Active Bank Primary Deal on behalf of the clients” from the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance, an award it has won for seven years in a row (2010-2016). The bank was also awarded the No.1 position in Bulgaria by Euromoney FX Survey, for the market share of foreign exchange transactions with corporate clients and financial institutions in 2017, a position it also held in 2014, 2012, and 2011.

“Salt Edge Inc. is glad to collaborate with such a multinational household name as Société Générale. We believe that by uniting our efforts with the Bulgarian branch, SGEB will be able to deliver a complete and efficient product to the customer. At the end of the day, everything that we do is dedicated to the end-user. I’m sure that this will be a long and mutually beneficial relationship,” said Dmitrii Barbasura, Salt Edge’s CEO.

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