EBA Clearing RT1 goes live on schedule

Source: EBA Clearing

EBA CLEARING today confirmed that its instant payment system RT1 went live this morning, on the launch date of the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) Scheme of the European Payments Council.

The pan-European system has taken up operations with a first group of 17 banks from 8 countries, which are extending SCT Inst reach to more than 500 addressable payment service providers (PSPs). Over the next 12 months, EBA CLEARING expects more early adopters to connect to the system, which could reach critical mass as early as by the end of 2018.

“It is a great pleasure for us to confirm the successful go-live of RT1 on the start date of the SCT Inst Scheme. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this major co-operative achievement,” said Erkki Poutiainen, Chairman of EBA CLEARING. “The timely launch of RT1 adds another milestone to EBA CLEARING’s track record of delivering pan-European payment infrastructure in time, on budget and in line with the requirements of payment service providers across Europe.”

“We are delighted that RT1 already extends reach to over 500 PSPs from day 1 of the SCT Inst Scheme and we are prepared to onboard many more participants in the near future,” said Hays Littlejohn, CEO of EBA CLEARING. “The frontrunner participants in RT1 will be able to adapt their real-time processes to the budding real-time payments landscape while tapping into the potential of the SCT Inst Scheme for their customers from an early stage. We look forward to supporting the ramp-up of instant euro retail payments and any evolving customer needs with a pan-European infrastructure platform that is performant, highly resilient and very flexible.”

Together with 39 funding institutions and its technology partner SIA, EBA CLEARING started to develop and implement the pan-European infrastructure platform RT1 in April 2016. RT1 provides payment service providers in the Single Euro Payments Area with a real-time payment processing facility operating around the clock on any day of the year.

RT1 is open to any account-servicing payment provider (AS-PSP) adhering to the EPC SCT Inst Scheme. Different options to interact with the system will allow any type of user access to the platform.

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