Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co rolls out Antepo's IM system

Source: Antepo

Antepo, Inc., a pioneer of secure, scalable Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) and Presence technology, today announced that Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co. (GHCO), a global Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) and Broker Dealer, has completed its rollout of OPN System, Antepo's flagship solution for enterprise instant messaging and presence management.

GHCO selected OPN System to ensure that its internal IM network met both corporate standards and industry regulations for security and compliance, and has also benefited from the solution's built-in, business-focused feature set.

GHCO utilizes OPN System to connect its Chicago headquarters with satellite offices in New York City and London, and streamline communications among trading teams, IT departments, and senior executives at all locations. OPN System's open architecture fits seamlessly within the company's existing IT infrastructure, running on a Linux server and integrating with Active Directory to simplify authentication. For compliance, GHCO logs IM messages in an external SQL database, which allows its compliance department to regularly review archived conversations from their own Windows desktops.

"As an electronic trading firm, it is critical that we protect our trading networks at all costs. Any threat to the trading environment, whatsoever, is unacceptable," said Michael C. Doyle, Chief Technology Officer for GHCO. "OPN System not only satisfied our own strict security and compliance requirements, but met government regulations as well. And its standards-based architecture offers the scalability we need to easily expand our network as our company grows, while preserving security and stability."

OPN System enables real-time communication and collaboration among internal trading teams as well as with external customers, helping to increase the velocity in the overall trading process. It delivers advanced security through behind-the-firewall user authentication and identify management capabilities for individual messages, group chat, persistent forums, and Presence (i.e., Chinese Walls). Additionally, a built-in Compliance Manager and support for third-party IM management tools enable logging, retention, archiving, and searching of all IM and persistent forum discussions - meeting the essential requirements for SEC and other government regulations. OPN System can be integrated into virtually any IT environment, supporting a broad array of operating systems, directories, and databases, which contributes to a lower TCO.

"OPN System is the most advanced solution for instant messaging and presence for domestic and global traders alike," said Maxime Seguineau, Chairman and CEO of Antepo. "Our long-standing commitment to designing a corporate-grade IM system with the highest standards of security, reliability, and scalability has been a key factor in the growing appeal of OPN System among financial services companies, as it meets the industry's stringent technology requirements."

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