Intrinio partners Quodd to provide direct delivery of Nasdaq real-time data

Source: Intrinio

Intrinio, a fintech marketplace providing access to high-quality, low-cost financial data feeds, announced today its partnership with QUODD Financial Information Services, a supplier of ultra-low-latency data feeds, to provide Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ)’s real-time data directly to individuals and enterprise-level clients.

Direct access to Nasdaq’s real-time data was traditionally provided in raw, unfiltered form and restricted to only a few access points, all of which proved to have a more cumbersome and less economical onboarding processes. This partnership, the brainchild of Intrinio, brings together the necessary resources to provide investors and developers the direct access they need to clean, real-time data so that they can build trading architectures for both personal and enterprise use.

Key points:
• Individual Users: Now have the ability to access the data they need at an affordable cost and implement it with as little as three lines of code, which previously would have required hundreds of thousands of lines of code that needed to be continuously updated.
• Enterprise Users: Receive a normalized feed, meaning much faster implementation and the cheapest access to Nasdaq Basic data on the market via the QUODD/Intrinio partnership.

“When data is restricted to an elite minority, innovation gets squashed and great ideas are lost due to lack of opportunity,” said Rachel Carpenter, CEO of Intrinio. “In order to provide investors and developers with access to the data they need we knew we had to come up with a new solution. Partnering with QUODD to implement this new technology enables us to rapidly service investors’ needs on a greater scale.”

The ability to provide mainstream access to data relies on key components from each of the three partners. Nasdaq is responsible for providing raw data from its Nasdaq Basic platform. The raw data from the exchange is then passed through QUODD’s technology infrastructure of WebSockets and APIs which clean the data and organize it into a usable form. Clean data is then purchased, distributed and accessed through Intrinio’s advanced user interface. Users have the ability to pull real-time pricing data into nearly every programmable language and in congruence with the Intrinio Software Development Kits, providing developers with the fastest data implementation process on the world market.

“Data drives the entire financial ecosystem, and being able to disseminate that information more quickly, accurately and on a broader scale to investors allows us to better serve the industry as a whole,” said Oliver Albers, Head of Sales and Account Management for Global Information Services at Nasdaq. “By leveraging the unique assets that Nasdaq, QUODD and Intrinio each have to offer, we have the ability to actualize a new standard for accessing and implementing data that is critical to forwarding financial innovation.”

“We are pleased to partner with Intrinio to be the flagship market data vendor/developer and provider of our new WebSockets Real-Time Streaming Market Data," said Dennis Cassidy, Chairman and CEO, QUODD Financial Information Services. “This effort is the perfect example of how a traditional industry can embrace innovation. The collaboration between Nasdaq, Intrinio and QUODD is strongly aligned with our commitment to provide clients with state-of-art-and affordable market data products.”

Affordability and accessibility are critical to disrupting the financial data market and forwarding innovation. From top investors to student developers, Intrinio provides a variety of financial feeds and formats at a low cost. Intrinio has made it possible for everyone from corporations to students to obtain and afford clean and relevant data, and its partnership with QUODD allows the firm to provide expanded access to these resources. 

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