Achain launches blockchain literacy campaign in China

Source: Achain

Achain yesterday announced to partner with DACA and Tsinghua iCenter in their co-organized "Blockchain Technology Open Course".

The Beijing-based Blockchain project team recently launched their community-based blockchain literacy campaign, having just collaborated last week with Android Studio Chinese Community Forum to make leading-edge technology resources accessible to amateur developers.

The partnership involves an offer of scholarships to a selected number of outstanding students. Internship opportunities and prized contests will be open to all who are enrolled.

"Blockchain Technology Open Course" is designed to encourage potential blockchain engineering talent in the local community. Held by Tsinghua University's iCenter, it is home to Tsinghua's Makers/Hackers student club, gearing this generation's scientific elite towards "innovation, inter-discipline, and internationalization". The program is co-organized by DACA, Distributed Autonomous Coalition Asia (Blockchain), a large association initiated by OKCoin, BTCC, HuoBi, Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum) and others. Committed to serve for development projects of blockchain technology in Asia, it has organized the annual Global Blockchain Summits since 2015.

Achain, focused on developing a complete blockchain ecosystem, highly values the open course's prestigious curriculum. Available in class and online, the course offers academic, career-counseling, and entrepreneurial resources to all students and professionals nation-wide. The eclectic content of the course covers the fundamentals, such as "blockchain basic theories", to multiple advanced topics of "side chains" and "smart contracts design". The course took an in-depth look at the commonly seen "replay attacks" using recent examples and case studies. It was conducted by Tsinghua iCenter's Distinguished Visiting Professor, Xun Yuan, who is experienced in the application of the Etheruem complier, specialized in thin client solutions and languages integration database, and a graduate of University of Illinois.

Achain intends encourage a greater degree of public participation through scholarship. The project desires to make this stimulating environment in China's elite university more widely available. "If the idea of blockchain is to have a technology that is eventually participated by everyone, it should be transparently developed by the most of us to begin with," said Tony Cui, founder of Achain.

The Achain team expressed their commitment to follow further progress of the program under their support. Meanwhile, the team wished the public to stay tuned for their upcoming reports on community building and their blockchain literacy campaign.

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