ITRS offers real-time monitoring of ICE Data Services’ Consolidated Feed

Source: ITRS

ITRS announced today that it will offer real-time monitoring capabilities for clients using ICE Data Services’ Consolidated Feed, which provides access to global content from more than 450 markets through one normalized real-time data feed.

This powerful combination can allow businesses to monitor infrastructure, as well as the integrity of market data feeds, via one platform.

Regulations, such as MiFID II, are driving increased transparency across data feeds and the entire trading ecosystems that depend upon them. This is happening at the same time as faster and faster responses become critical for more market participants. By providing real-time monitoring of ICE Data Services’ Consolidated Feed, ITRS Geneos can help businesses satisfy their regulatory requirements and also allow for real insight into the broad data sets which power financial institutions.

ITRS Geneos measures timeliness of the data from point of consumption to point of publication. It can proactively alert against any increases in latency that are outside expected parameters by monitoring the real-time feeds, distributed systems and applications that provide the data. Customers can take advantage of features like the automation of data health checks to ensure continuous uptime and confidence in the 'live' status of clients' market data feeds. Customers can also be confident that the data they are receiving across all feeds is reliable and free of ‘stale-data’ which could have a negative impact on business.

Mark Loader, product lead for ITRS, said, "For technical staff in the capital markets, managing their data can be a challenge. Across the infrastructure of any financial services firm there is a huge amount of information that must be processed by technology and by people. Missing even the smallest detail can lead to down-time, missed trades and big, big customer problems.

So, the success of our clients' businesses relies on timely access to trusted market data - we recognise just how important our partnership with ICE Data Services is in providing our clients with market leading services in an increasingly competitive market."

ICE Data Services is part of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE) and offers end-to-end solutions for information, analytics and connectivity, with a range of proprietary data and tools for global markets across fixed income, equities, commodities, FX and options.

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