Bango and Infomedia bid to create carrier billing standard

Source: Bango

Bango and Infomedia, global providers of Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), today announced a partnership to create a global standard for direct carrier billing.

The partnership will allow these two international businesses to work side by side to accelerate the growth of DCB worldwide to meet the forecast $142bn contribution to the global digital economy.

Historically the businesses have had a level of competition, but Bango and Infomedia believe strongly that, as the DCB market matures, there is a significant benefit to the industry from consolidation around a single set of technological and commercial standards that provide global coverage from a single connection. The partnership will allow Bango and Infomedia to expand the DCB ecosystem through the introduction of a whole variety of new partners, standardizing all aspects of their experience, including the use of the Bango Platform for the application of payments to carriers and opening-up Infomedia as the standard platform for merchant services.

The partnership gives the market a common technology for DCB that is open to the broadest range of merchants of all sizes, from the major App Stores to publishers, insurance and ticketing, physical goods and IoT. This will enable mobile carriers and brands to deliver products and services to consumers via the world’s most successful mobile payment method. DCB is accessible to any consumer with a mobile device and can deliver 10x conversion compared to other forms of online payments.

Anil Malhotra, CMO, Bango said: “We are delighted to partner with Infomedia, which provides an essential service for operators keen to feed their content-hungry customers. The Infomedia methodology and technology ensures that the merchant services provide a safe and enjoyable customer experience. We are pleased that this partnership will allow us to combine Bango’s ability to monetise content at scale with the world's leading online stores alongside Infomedia’s deep and trusted merchant relationships.

“Wind the clock back just 10 years and many might have predicted carrier billing could have faded away by 2017 - but the huge growth in interest from the world's largest brands including app stores shows how dynamic the market is for paid content and its potential. We have seen that Infomedia is a critical driving force in expanding the scope of carrier billing, in a way that no one else is doing, by bringing new services and industries into the market.”
Michael Tomlins, CEO of Infomedia said: “Our decision to partner with Bango is based on our joint vision for the continued growth of DCB and alternative payments, and Bango’s position as the app store standard for DCB. We see an advantage in partnering with Bango to promote a single set of technological and commercial standards to emerge for carrier billing. Together we will be a driving force in what has been a fragmented industry, delivering a clear advantage for all parties through consolidation.

“This reflects our ongoing mission to create the safest worldwide network for our merchants and boost to their businesses through global growth. The Bango Platform’s market-leading work with the App Stores, combined with Infomedia’s merchant focus provides global access to all key growth segments for DCB, as a result more carriers will be able to deliver all the services their customers want through our network of trusted global brands and merchants - building on our promise to actively manage both consent and payment.”

Working together as independent businesses, Bango and Infomedia have formed this partnership to develop the global DCB market based on their joint belief in its growth potential. Bango chose to partner with Infomedia to support global operators wanting Infomedia’s trusted individual merchant relationships alongside their Bango partnerships. Infomedia will use the Bango Platform to accelerate the global growth opportunities for its merchants, building on its commitment to deliver services beyond the billing pipe to ensure brands maximise on opportunities across the world.

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