Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange installs GBM data warehouse

Source: Gulf Business Machines

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has debuted a new business intelligence and data warehousing platform, provided by Gulf Business Machines (GBM), the region’s number one provider of IT solutions.

GBM was chosen and have completed the implementation of the enterprise business intelligence and data warehousing platform project earlier this year. The new platform is engineered to support ADX’s senior management and business users with their decision making process, providing them with executive dashboards across sectors, armed with key performance indicators and insights, presented in a quick accessible manner.

On this occasion, ADX Chief Executive, Rashed Al Blooshi, commented: “With the advent of the digital age, we are seeing data grow to be our greatest natural resource. In the face of increased demand for analytics, an ever-growing repository of stock market data, and the requirement for complex reporting, we made the decision to analyze our historical data as well as exploring hidden patterns and business insights which would help ADX achieve its strategic goals of increasing market cap and product range as well as attract and activate a wider range of investors.”

“The new platform has given us the ability to better analyze and process massive data records and extract business reports and dashboards in a matter of a few seconds, allowing us to deliver better and more accurate results, which comes in alignment with ADX commitment to AD Plan of developing and optimizing information and communication technology enablers.” added Al Blooshi.

ADX users now also have the capability to generate their own business reports on an ad-hoc basis and work with the available data without the need for IT specialists. Additionally, while previously some key information couldn’t be extracted in one report due to the complexity of the process and a lack of computing power, the new implementation of IBM’s PureData Appliance, powered by Netezza, these reports are now available to users in less than a minute.

Commenting on the project, Miguel Khouri, General Manager, GBM Abu Dhabi and Yemen, stated: “Considering ADX as one of the engines of progress in the UAE, we are honored to have worked closely with them on this project. GBM has delivered an efficient, pragmatic, and cost-effective platform that will allow ADX senior management and business users to better leverage the wealth of their data assets.”

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