Tesco Bank switches on Face ID

Source: Tesco

Tesco Bank has today announced changes to its mobile banking app, which will enable iPhone X customers to log in and authenticate payments using face ID.

Grant Bourbousson, Digital and Customer 2020 Director, said,
“We know customers love using our mobile banking app to quickly and easily manage their money. This addition illustrates our continued commitment to developing digital services that utilise the latest technologies available, and which really meet our customers’ needs. This is a simple, convenient and helpful development for Tesco Bank customers.”

Today’s announcement demonstrates Tesco Bank’s drive to provide its customers with convenient and flexible solutions for managing their money. To date, the bank has seen over 1 million customers register for the mobile app as their preferred method of accessing their account, and Tesco Bank is confident that the latest set of new features will further enhance the customer experience.

Tesco Bank’s Mobile Banking App offers all that you would expect from a banking app, as well as a number of innovative features to help customers manage their finances quickly and easily, including:
• Quick and secure access to the app using either Face ID, Touch ID, 5-digit passcode or existing online banking login details
• The option to check account balances quickly and securely using the Balance Peek feature
• Easy set up and management of credit card repayments by direct debit or debit card
• An unauthorised overdraft alert feature to help current account customers avoid account fees.
• Card scanning for credit card payments which enables customers to quickly add new card details with a single photograph.

To use Face ID within the mobile banking app, customers should first ensure the functionality is enabled on their device. Customers can then turn on Face ID within the app by visiting the settings menu or during the registration journey. At this point they will be prompted to provide either their passcode or password to confirm their decision.

As with all Tesco Bank services, customers have complete choice in how they use the mobile banking app. Today’s changes will give iPhone X customers the functionality to use Face ID for servicing their account, while retaining other security options including passcodes.

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