Bar Harbor Bank converts to Jack Henry SilverLake

Source: Jack Henry

Jack Henry Banking division today announced that Bar Harbor Bank & Trust has implemented the SilverLake System for its robust processing power and mastered flexibility.

With 14 branches along the coast of Maine, the $3.4 billion-asset institution recently acquired a 34-branch bank that was already partnered with Jack Henry Banking. Bar Harbor was running a competitive platform in-house and was simultaneously facing an imminent investment to its IT infrastructure. The bank chose to deploy the SilverLake System in an outsourced environment, via JHA OutLink Processing Services™ (JHA OPS).

Rick Maltz, COO and executive vice president of Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, stated, “SilverLake is clearly a superior platform, and moving to an outsourced model has also presented its own immediate value. Outsourcing provides us a simplified model without sacrificing the quality and the support of our core, helping us efficiently drive business forward in a modern, integrated environment.”

Bar Harbor selected additional services from Jack Henry Banking to run in an outsourced environment, including Branch Anywhere™, an enterprise mobility solution; jhaEnterprise Workflow™ to automate multi-step business processes; and iTalk™ for a next-generation interactive voice response solution.

The bank is trusting Jack Henry Banking to quickly advance its digital initiatives overall. Bar Harbor is the latest financial institution to move forward with Banno Mobile™. The native iOS and Android app provides a quick, cost effective way to deploy mobile services; Maltz referred to it as “the best mobile product available.” Bar Harbor is also implementing Jack Henry Banking solutions across bill pay, online banking, and remote deposit services, among others.

Stacey Zengel, president of Jack Henry Banking, added, “The initiatives underway at Bar Harbor are transforming the way the bank operates, interacts with customers, and takes new services to market. Jack Henry Banking is excited to support the bank’s vision and provide the necessary tools to carry out its plans for the future.”

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