Team Pulse OS from the University of Toronto wins Swift Institute university challenge

Source: Swift

Team Pulse OS from the University of Toronto were announced as the winners of the SWIFT Institute Student Challenge 2017 at the closing plenary session of Sibos in Toronto.

Javier Perez-Tasso, Chief Executive for the Americas and UK Region, SWIFT, presented team leader Nataliya Mykhaylova with a 20,000 CAD award.

Team Pulse OS came up with an innovative solution that allowed for early and reliable detection of cyber security threats by analyzing the unique power use signatures on mobile devices such as cellphones, laptops or tablets. The concept looked at using signal processing and machine algorithms to easily identify patterns of unusual activity. By analyzing these patterns the system was able to develop power signatures that would serve as early warning for cybersecurity threats.

Eight teams of Canadian university students were tasked with finding and developing a secure banking channel concept that could stand up to sustained cyber-attacks. The finalists came from a diverse range of international University teams, including; The University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, York University and University of Toronto. The teams presented their ideas in the finals that were held on Wednesday 18 October at Sibos in Toronto. The winners were chosen following voting by the attending audience as well as a panel of judges consisting of three industry experts. This year’s contest was exceptionally close, with just three votes separating the top three teams.

Nataliya has a background in engineering and design, and is currently working on a PHD degree in Chemical Engineering.

“All eight teams presented innovative solutions to a significant challenge facing the financial industry,” says Peter Ware, Director of the SWIFT Institute. ”I was really impressed with the ideas presented by these students. It was truly awe inspiring in the way they approached the challenge.”

The winner of the challenge were chosen through a combination of a four-judge panel and the votes of the audience.

The SWIFT Institute will now turn its attention towards organizing the third edition of the Student Challenge, which will take place at Sibos 2018 in Sydney.

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