FNA ships Graph Analytics Platform

Source: FNA

Today, FNA is officially launching the first Graph Analytics Platform for Financial Institutions.

The FNA Platform has over 250 graph and machine learning algorithms that allow users to implement advanced analytics solutions to investigate the interconnectedness of data. FNA empowers business analysts to carry out and automate advanced data science tasks.

Graph analytics has become highly important to the challenges facing financial institutions ranging from systemic risks to fraud & AML. It provides new insights by revealing patterns of interconnections in data that have so far been overlooked.

The FNA Platform incorporates over ten years of research and has been successfully implemented for proven solutions at Central Banks and Financial Market Infrastructures to:

• Detect Anomalies in Real-Time
• Stress-Test Systemic Risk
• Optimize Liquidity Utilization

FNA is providing free, 30 day access to the platform at www.fnalab.com. Users can follow guided tours of FNA Dashboards and investigate several business scenarios based on historical and real-time data.

FNA representatives will be attending Sibos in Toronto, ON, October 16-19. CEO and Founder of FNA, Dr. Kimmo Soramaki, will present with Payments Canada at Sibos about their success with the FNA Platform in modernizing Canada's payment system.

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