Standard Chartered releases digital wealth management tool

Source: Standard Chartered

In a first for the retail banking industry in Asia, Standard Chartered launched a digital wealth management tool that customises investment ideas in minutes.

Called Personalised Investment Ideas, it helps Priority Banking clients respond faster to market opportunities with automated investment ideas based on considerations such as their risk profile and the Bank’s market views. It is now live in Singapore and the Bank plans to introduce it in other Asian markets.

Available on the relationship manager’s (RMs) tablet-based sales-and-service device, Personalised Investment Ideas combines advanced algorithms and analytics with the Bank’s market expertise to generate and prioritise investment ideas for funds and bonds, tailored for each client. Following a conversation with their RM, a client is emailed a report with suggestions for buy/sell/hold, backed by rationale. The RM will also advise clients on the suitability of a product based on their needs and objectives and help them to act on their chosen idea.

“Our clients want banking to be easy, just a few clicks on their smartphones. But for bigger decisions, like investing large sums of money, they often want to speak to an expert as well,” said Karen Fawcett, CEO of Retail Banking and Group Head of Brand and Marketing. “Now, they’ll get customised investment ideas and then talk them through with a relationship manager who has real insight into their needs.”

Alexis Calla, Global Head, Investment Strategy and Advisory said, “We have combined cutting-edge technology and design thinking with our market expertise to give our clients a more personalised investing experience. Using advanced analytics, we have harnessed the multi-source market views developed by the Bank’s investment experts, our client insights and data on wealth management solutions to develop a capability that can instantly generate investment ideas, unique to each client’s profile.”

Standard Chartered is committed to providing its emerging affluent and affluent clients with a range of wealth management solutions that are easily accessible through convenient digital channels. Recent launches include virtual access to investment advisors via video banking, online and mobile access to mutual funds, market information optimised for mobile, as well as mobile FX trading services.

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